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A lot of people have no idea that not only does it not cost you anything to have a Realtor with you when looking at new construction homes. It's to your benefit. Having someone like Candy Noel that knows all the builders in the Reno-Sparks area. They know all the rules and little extras you can get if you know the right questions to ask. You also want to make sure everything is completed the right way and that you have all the warranties and contracts signed and done properly. Call or text Candy Noel at 775-762-3182 for more information.
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This coming up Wednesday the 2nd of November 2022, looks like the day we will get yet another rate hike from the Fed. If you don't have your rate locked in tomorrow, You'll be paying much more for your loan. Contact Candy to help you get started and prequalified today.

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Real estate markets tend to ebb and flow throughout seasonal changes. Warmer seasons usually lead to a hot market – no pun intended – while markets slow down during the colder seasons. Even this isn’t a firm law of the land because locations oriented towards winter skiing might have flipped markets.

Regardless of the current season, a good tip to remember is to think holistically about the purchase. How will a particular house fair during all seasons of the year? Surprisingly this notion isn’t always intuitive for new, even seasoned homebuyers. For ease of

Spring: Blossoms and Showers

Water will become nature’s friend during spring but can present an issue from runoffs on a property. Typically these problems arise from increased amounts of rain

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Setting a budget to purchase a property is an important decision. Ideally this should be considered a prerequisite to actually attending viewings and closing on a home. Calculating how much you can afford or wish to spend each month and then translating that into an acceptable mortgage amount is a crucial step but reality can settle in quite rapidly. Step across a few home thresholds and your expectations may not match your budget.

Individuals in this scenario are not alone in this conundrum nor will they be the last to face it. Normally there are three options available to homebuyers that need to be considered before proceeding with a decision. Each of these options are conveniently highlighted below to assist in weighing each potential avenue and

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Do you believe in unicorns? How about the abominable snowman? Let’s first put to bed the concept of a “perfect home” because in actuality what does this really mean? There will always be something that doesn’t look quite right or perhaps the property doesn’t include a particular amenity. Ultimately, a perfect home is the final result from a tedious and time consuming process known as house hunting.

The inputs into this process are crucial to consider otherwise the entire house hunting experience can become more work than necessary. Provided below are a multitude of considerations that, when answered, will assist in determining which prospects are worth your time and ultimately which property is the “perfect home”.

Go for the long haul

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5 Tips On Staying Organized While House Hunting

People love options in every facet of their lives whether it be varying color schemes, models of vehicles, types of drinks, or even places to eat. Although this flexibility is desired it can oftentimes lead to pitfalls when searching for properties to purchase. Run a quick internet search showing all properties ranging from multiple numbers of bathrooms and bedrooms, include garages and basements. Don’t forget the “required” spacious backyard.

Ultimately the number of permutations of property configurations is endless so homebuyers tend to become paralyzed in the sea of potential selections. The best method to counteract this paralysis is by becoming borderline obsessive with organization. From

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Shopping for a new home generally involves viewing a plethora of property options followed by crucial decisions revolving around the type of home. Should you choose a ranch style, two story, corner lot, backyard? Oftentimes the thought of purchasing an entire property to include a front and backyard can be overwhelming for a new homeowner, especially the maintenance associated with properties. What options are available for those who are deterred by larger properties and substantial maintenance?   

A solution to these concerns lies in purchasing either a condominium or townhome. However, these two terminologies are often interchanged as synonyms but in fact are quite different. Below is a brief overview highlighting the differences between these two

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Wondering how the election year could affect your upcoming real estate decision? Studies have shown it can become harder to sell your home in an election year, especially if the contest is close.  These studies have concluded that the cause is uncertainty stemming from potential home buyers feeling unsure how an upcoming election will affect their financial fortunes.

2016 is shaping up to be a historical election year with never before seen tactics including massive social media campaigns reaching more people than ever before.  The scandals, accusations and vastly different opinions to major topics have many consumers riding by the seat of their pants.  Candidates turning to Twitter and Facebook to spark massive debate.  This uncertainty is further

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