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April 2015

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As we near summer many of us have started our spring yard work.  For some this is a welcome activity and an excellent way to get outside after a long and cold winter, for others this is seen as “time to pull weeds”.  Weeds are a nuisance we must all deal with in one form or another, many of us have had the pleasure of calling Reno home our entire lives and with that comes the experience needed to deal with those pesky weeds.  There are many ways to wage war against unwanted intruders in our yards and gardens, and just like anything each has its advantages and disadvantages.  We’re here to cover the most common and effective methods for taking back your landscaping and ensuring the best curb appeal to your home.  An unsightly front yard will most certainly

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After finding the right location for your new home, you must decide on the type of property that will best match your needs. Although the area you have chosen may not offer everything, most markets include three major choices when it comes to types of homes: detached houses, condominiums and townhouses. Each type comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but most importantly, each fits a different lifestyle and requires a varying amount of responsibilities.

Detached Houses

The biggest disadvantage of the detached house option is typically its cost. Detached homes generally have a higher price tag and more ongoing maintenance than the other common home types. When things go wrong with a detached home’s structure, and things will go

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So you know that in just a month or two, you will be facing the stress and frustration involved with moving into a new home. For most homeowners, the thought of moving is so overwhelming that they push it out of their minds, believing that two weekends of hard work will get the job done. Don’t make this mistake!

Moving will almost certainly take more time and effort than you think. By planning and preparing in advance, you can get a lot of the work out of the way and make your move less stressful.

Start Packing

While it may seem crazy to start packing months ahead of your move date, most people have plenty of things that they don’t use that often. For example, if winter has just begun in your area, you probably won’t need all of your swim gear,

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