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July 2015

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Working With a Home Inspector: Why You Should and How to Get the Most Out of It

Sometimes you have no choice but to do it.  Sometimes you just should do it.  Other times it is not necessary.

What is it?  Hire and work with a home inspector.

It’s in your hands

Starting with the obvious, you will want to hire a home inspector when moving into a new home.  Actually, you will want to hire an inspector if you are any type of buy-and-hold investor whether you are moving in or not.

In some cases, you may even want to hire a specialist in areas such as plumbing, heating and air conditioning, electrical or structure to give a more detailed inspection of the home if the home.  It is a good idea if the home is especially old, is in an area prone to

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Reno/Sparks Market Report: June 2015

 The Market Report for June, 2015 has been released by the href="">Reno/Sparks Association of Realtors.  The report contains valuable information regarding current trends and conditions for the area’s real estate market.  If you are planning on buying, selling, or if you simply want to learn more, the ;" href="/">RST Homesteam can help you to break down the report.

 Market Pulse

 The summer buying and selling season is off to a fast start in the Reno/Sparks market area.  We saw near record numbers for home unit sales this June, exceeded only by June of 2005 when the real estate bubble was building.

 Homes are also selling more quickly from both last June to this June and from May to

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3 Tips for Adding Curb Appeal Through Landscaping

Let’s face it, curb appeal matters.  Whether you are looking to sell your house, you just moved into a new house, or you have been in the same spot for some time, what your house looks like from the outside is important for many reasons.

If you are looking to sell, it may seem obvious, but people are less likely to want to buy your house if your yard is overgrown with weeds. 

 Or perhaps you aren’t looking to sell.  You are driving into your neighborhood—perhaps after a long day at work, or perhaps after a fun day in the park with your family—and no matter what your mood, it gets a little worse when you come around the corner to see your hedges and trees in desperate need for a trim.


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Fix Your Credit to Buy a House

So you were going through a tough time in life, and you racked-up a bunch of credit card debt and got behind on your bills. 

 Or maybe you and your spouse each have cars that are financed on five-year loans, you each have student loan debt, and you are still trying to pay off that boat that you regret buying.

 We’ve talked before about how your credit score is one of the primary things lenders look at when deciding whether or not to grant you a mortgage loan.  Let’s dive a little deeper into what goes into a credit history and what you can do to fix yours if it is not-so-perfect.

 What’s in a score?

 Your credit history, converted into a “score” by certain credit rating agencies, is made up of several

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What is a Short Sale?

 Short sale is an agreement between a real estate owner, their mortgage lending institution, and a prospective buyer in which the property (most often a home) is sold for less than the value of the unpaid debts.  Typically, a short sale takes place when the current home owner is behind on their mortgage payments, has received a default notice, and is at risk of foreclosure.  The seller may still be obligated to pay the remaining debts at a later time depending on the terms of the agreement.  The frequency of short sales increased drastically during the financial crisis in 2008.

 Although a short sale is not a desirable situation, there is at least some benefit to all parties involved.

Owner/seller - reduction of debt and

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How To Pick Your Homeowner’s Insurance

 Homeowner’s insurance… you may not think you need it, but your mortgage lender requires you to have it.  And really, you cannot afford to not have it.

 Unfortunately, bad things happen.  Whether you are part of a young family that just moved into its first home, you are retiring and moving to a warm and sunny location, or you are somewhere in between, what would happen if your home were struck by lightning?  Or if a massive snowstorm caused your roof to collapse? Or if your house were to get burglarized?

 Any number of events can leave a homeowner facing tens—or even hundreds—of thousands of dollars in damages. 

 Here is what you need to know to keep your home and your finances protected.

 What’s in a

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Fixer-Upper Homes: Are They Worth it?

 Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced home buyer looking for value, the idea of renovating a fixer-upper in the one of the best neighborhoods in your area can be very enticing. However, sometimes that fixer-upper can turn into a catastrophe. You need to know what you may be getting into before buying that old rundown place.

The Math Comes First

 Fortunately, the actual math involved in deciding whether or not to buy a fixer-upper is quite simple. The equation should look something like this:

 (Estimated Value After Renovations) – (Renovation Costs) – (Error Factor) = Maximum Purchase Price

While the formula is simple, plugging in the right values for each piece is not so easy.

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The Two Most Important Factors in Owning a Single Family Home as a Rental Property

 Owning a single family home to rent it out can be a nightmare.  It can also be very easy and extremely lucrative.

 Think about it… if you have a good, long-term tenant upon whom you can depend to pay their rent on time and do their part in maintaining the property, you own a house for which someone else is paying the mortgage and likely putting some extra cash in your pocket each month on top.

 Or you can end up with a tenant who destroys the property, does not pay rent, or causes other problems to the point where you have to evict them.  You are left with costly repairs, and worse, now you have to pay the mortgage while the house sits empty as it is being

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Looking to Sell Your House Fast?  5 Quick Home Improvements That Will Help

It is not fun to spend a bunch of time and money to improve a house that you are planning on selling in the near future.  Many people make improvements that end up costing more than they eventually get in return when selling the home.

 Since most of pricing is related to square footage and location many improvements are unlikely to have a drastic effect on the value of the home.  However, certain improvements can make a home sell more quickly than it otherwise would have at the same price.

 When people are touring your home and deciding whether or not to buy, they need to be able to visualize themselves living in the home with their possessions and décor.  It also helps to

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Reno/Sparks Market Report: May 2015

 The Reno/Sparks Association of Realtorshas released its market report for May 2015.  The report contains valuable information regarding current trends and conditions for the area’s real estate market.  If you are planning on buying, selling, or if you simply want to learn more, the RST Homesteam can help you to break down the report.

 Market Pulse

We are entering the summer buying and selling season, which is typically the time of year that sees the most activity.  It will be interesting to monitor how quickly prices continue to grow.  Inventories are already low, and the summer demand will place even more upward pressure on prices.

 As many economists predicted, interest rates are starting to rise for

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