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October 2015

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Traditional ‘Landlording’ vs. Airbnb

Let’s face it, most hotels, no matter how nice, are pretty much the same.  Your room will have a bed or two, a bathroom, a television, and a desk.  If you pay a bit more, you might get a fireplace, a better view, some extra furniture or some extra bells and whistles in the bathroom.

But no matter what, you are in just one of many virtually identical rooms in a limited space.  You usually do not have access—or at least private access—to typical home amenities like a washer and dryer, or a yard.

Airbnb is a rapidly growing website that links property owners with travelers.  Owners rent out their properties to short-term visitors as a substitute for a more traditional hotel room.  Guests can have access to a

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Garage Sale Tips and Tricks 

A garage sale is a quick way to de-clutter your home and make some extra money in the process. Setting a financial goal for the revenue generated can be a powerful incentive to motivate the cleaning. 

Use the sale as an excuse walk through your home and seriously evaluate what you actually need and what you’re willing to let go.  You’d be surprised how much stuff you’ve accumulated.  If you can part with a few large items, you’ll increase the visibility and financial potential of your sale. By getting rid of items you don’t need, you’re refreshing the energy of your home and creating space for something to bring you more joy. 

Remember that yard sales take more preparation than you think.  Give yourself at least 3

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Achieve a Clean Home in 15 Minutes A Day

Cleaning your house can be an overwhelming task. With such a busy calendar, when will you find the time?

Choose a 15-minute timeslot during the day and protect it as your cleaning time.  If you develop a proactive practice of daily cleaning, you will prevent clutter from stacking up and becoming a headache.

Spending a little time each day cleaning means you can reserve your weekend for relaxation.  Or at least save time for tackling the bigger chores on your list.  Plus you’ll feel productive and ahead of the game.

Now that you’ve set aside 15 minutes, there are a few best practices that can you’re your cleaning most productive.  Involving family members or kids will only make the daily practice

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3 Important Tips for Buying Multiple Rental Properties

Buying and managing multiple rental properties is a great way to make a sizeable income.  It can also be a management nightmare and lead to financial ruin if you go into it with the wrong strategies.

Sure, real estate markets go through booms and busts just like any other market, but overall, real estate is a stable investment.  By managing multiple properties, you can engage in multiple long-term investments while turning a profit along the way.  When you decide to exit the market, you get to sell off all of your real estate assets and you’re left with a sizeable sum of money.

If you are considering purchasing and managing multiple rental properties, here are three important tips to ensure

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Remodeling Your Kitchen? Avoid These 4 Mistakes

Even in today’s fast-paced world where people tend to eat on the go more frequently than they do at home, the kitchen is still the heart of almost every home.  It is a gathering place for your family whether it is a random Tuesday night dinner, or a Thanksgiving feast with the entire extended family.

When investing money into remodeling your home, the kitchen and bathrooms are very often the rooms where you get the most bang for your buck.  They are the hardest working rooms, meaning they take the most abuse in your day-to-day routines and activities, and they are the rooms that people typically look at first when considering purchasing your home.

Remodeling your kitchen can be a large, yet very

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