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December 2015

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Keys To A Successful Open House

Open houses are phenomenal opportunities for potential buyers to really appreciate a property’s “feng shui” and, arguably more importantly if successful, demonstrates the market’s interest in the house. For instance, if multiple buyers are viewing the premises at the same time during a scheduled open house, the house is generally perceived as a hot commodity prime for the picking.  

Unfortunately, the converse is often true as well which underlines the importance of a successful open house. But what is the criteria for success though? In this case, quantity is sometimes better than quality. Therefore, apply the suggested tips below to increase the foot traffic at your upcoming open house and ultimately enhance the

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Most Common Items Forgotten During A Move

Depending on where you are located, most average individuals move between 10 to 14 times in their lifetime. This amount of shuffling in a person’s life presents numerous opportunities to leave behind critical items while moving. Combining a little upfront thinking with some due diligence can help avoid unintentionally forgetting important personal items behind.

Check your medication cabinets before departing

Headache medicine. Cough syrup. Prescription drugs. Vitamins. There is typically an extremely extensive list of medicine cabinet items that are rarely cleaned out when moving. Unfortunately, these types of objects are considered last when weighed against the importance of a television, microwave, or

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The Best Ways To Reduce Your Water Bill

Home ownership comes along with many other financial responsibilities such as a lovely water bill that sometimes never seems to stabilize, let alone reduce. Believe it or not, there are many simple methods at our disposal to help decrease that annoying bill.

Listed below are just a few examples outlining simple yet effective methods to reduce a home’s monthly water bill. Some may be applicable to your situation, others may not be. Nonetheless, the point to realize is that there is a plethora of techniques to utilize.

Insulate your water pipes

Most people don’t have any qualms running the sink faucet to wait for the water to heat up, which can take between a few seconds to perhaps a minute. Unbeknownst to

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Repairs To Make Before Selling Your Home

We have all dealt with them, or at least heard of them. The picky home buyers who stress over the smallest nuisances and are more particular about paint color than the age of a dilapidated roof. Though it isn’t recommended to forgo major capital expenditure repairs, simple yet appealing alterations to a property can yield increased interest on the market and overall returns at closing.  

With the lull of the winter market cycle approaching, this is the prime opportunity to make appealing modifications to your home prior to entering the selling market this upcoming spring and summer. Using the suggested ideas below, strategize renovations appropriately and increase the likelihood of receiving top dollar for

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Negotiating Tips for Selling Your Home

Oftentimes the hardest part of the process when selling your home isn’t actually generating interested traffic to view or submit offers on the property. Instead the difficulty tends to arise when actually closing of the property itself.

General wisdom suggests that the first offer on a property tends to be the best one when selling your home and, therefore, sellers should be more flexible during negotiations when finalizing the deal. Though there is some truth to this theory, sellers shouldn’t concede potential profits unnecessarily.

Price the property according to the market

First and foremost, the most important factor when negotiating the price of your home is ensuring that the market value jives with

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Verify an accurate tax assessment

Though these documents aren’t the conclusive authority for calculating a property’s tax assessment, surveys are often utilized as a starting point to determine plat and structure sizes. Since tax assessments are based on the worth of the property, the calculated plat and structure sizes from surveys assist tax assessors in determining an accurate annual tax to be carried by the owner.

Additionally, prior to purchasing, this process can be used by a potential buyer to estimate the annual taxes for the property to more accurately predict costs.

Disgruntled neighbor? Solve civic disputes regarding property lines

Perhaps you recently trimmed a tree like a good community citizen but this plant was perceived by your

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