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March 2016

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Real estate markets ebb and flow from buyer oriented to seller oriented depending on the season, available stock in the community, and other various reasons. The current market conditions oftentimes drive the bidding process quite substantially. For instance, in a buyer’s market there is generally more negotiable room on potential concessions as well as the final sale price.

In the case of a seller’s market though, it is quite common to enter an interesting scenario where two buyers or more are submitting offers against each other, otherwise known as a bidding war. This scenario is obviously advantageous for the seller but is quite frustrating and difficult for all buyers involved. For situations characterized by a bidding war, follow the guidelines

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Antiques are normally collectibles that are decorative in nature but can also be rather valuable, oftentimes both sentimentally and monetarily valuable depending on the piece. A few examples of such items include furniture, baseball cards, lamps, and even beanie babies. Collectors generally accumulate antiques for one  or a combination reasons: sentimental attachment, monetary value, decorative charm within a home.

Regardless of the reasons for collecting an antique, maintenance on these pieces can be cumbersome. Unfortunately though, once damaged or unattended, these unique pieces can quickly lose value and typically require more effort to restore instead of maintain. Below are five of the most commons methods that ruin antiques ultimately resulting

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 Most potential homebuyers require a mortgage loan to purchase a residence – rightfully so considering the cost to own a home! But how does one receive this type of financial assistance? Acquiring this type of loan is based on a prequalified and preapproval process which each have its own vetting process varying in the degree of complexity.

Prequalified vs Preapproved

What is the difference between being prequalified and preapproved by a mortgage lending company? Simply put, it boils down to the level of financial detail and scrutiny associated to the application process.

When becoming prequalified by a lender, a buyer only needs to state what their financial posture (e.g., estimated income, estimated obligations, credit score). However, when

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 Lulls in the market and fluctuations from a buyer market to a seller market have direct impacts on the ability to buy or a sell a property. However, there are methods to increase the probability of closing a deal despite market conditions. For instance, an effective property listing when selling a home significantly improves the odds of driving traffic to open houses and peaking the interest of potential homebuyers.

What are the components of an “effective” home listing though? If you’re running through categories in your mind, you might be considering the following: incorporation of professional photos, properly scheduled open houses, and a reasonable listing price. One aspect that many individuals forget, to include real estate agents, is the

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Things Needed After Purchasing A Home

Purchasing a property is an amazing milestone in an individual’s life, but also requires significant preparation from the very beginning of the process. A potential homebuyer must calculate an acceptable budget based on their available monetary means, select an appropriate and trustworthy real estate agent, and locate a mortgage lender to offer pre-approval on a mortgage loan. These are just a few steps leading up to the searching process!

Nevertheless, those interested in purchasing a home almost inevitably cross the finish line in the figurative property race and ultimately receive the keys on closing day. What next though? Listed below are a few actions, once accomplished, that will be helpful after you’ve

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Buying A Foreclosed Property - What Should You Know

What is a foreclosure though? In the event a borrower is unable to make payments known as defaulting on their mortgage loan, a lender (i.e. lienholder) has the option to foreclose on the property in an attempt to recover the remaining balance on the loan. When this option is executed, a lender forces the sale of the asset as collateral against the balance. There are various forms of foreclosures making each purchase situationally unique in nature.

Foreclosed properties offer a multitude of benefits such as upfront affordability, financial gain, increased customization possibilities, but there is also a dark side to these properties as well. Outlined below are a few key points and potential

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How To Care For Your Lawn

Curb appeal is arguably one of the most important factors when selling a property. What if you don’t intend to sell your home for awhile though? Don’t forget that a manicured landscape also improves the neighborhood’s visual appeal and inspires others to keep the community looking presentable.

One of the worst things to do, as a community member, is to be THAT PERSON who doesn’t properly care for their lawn. Indicators of improper maintenance are unfortunately easily visible via examples such as bald spots, brown leaves, and uneven mowing. Below are a few methods for taking care of your lawn to avoid any awkward conversations with your neighbors.

Don’t be afraid to mow…but not too much

Mowing isn’t a task that simply

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How And When To Prune Roses

Along with homeownership comes numerous responsibilities, to include landscaping and outdoor maintenance. One very common activity is gardening which affords many visual appeals for neighborhood homes. Amongst the many varieties of shrubbery and flowers available to plant, one generally stands out amongst the group – roses.

The upside to owning roses is clearly the sensual appeal – visual as well as olfactory. The downsides, though, come in the form of upkeep, specifically pruning. Many experienced gardeners lack the skills to properly perform this critical activity to their bushes. If you’re considering tackling this function, below are a few commonly asked questions to assist along the way. 

Why prune your

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