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Buying A Foreclosed Property - What Should You Know

What is a foreclosure though? In the event a borrower is unable to make payments known as defaulting on their mortgage loan, a lender (i.e. lienholder) has the option to foreclose on the property in an attempt to recover the remaining balance on the loan. When this option is executed, a lender forces the sale of the asset as collateral against the balance. There are various forms of foreclosures making each purchase situationally unique in nature.

Foreclosed properties offer a multitude of benefits such as upfront affordability, financial gain, increased customization possibilities, but there is also a dark side to these properties as well. Outlined below are a few key points and potential

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How To Care For Your Lawn

Curb appeal is arguably one of the most important factors when selling a property. What if you don’t intend to sell your home for awhile though? Don’t forget that a manicured landscape also improves the neighborhood’s visual appeal and inspires others to keep the community looking presentable.

One of the worst things to do, as a community member, is to be THAT PERSON who doesn’t properly care for their lawn. Indicators of improper maintenance are unfortunately easily visible via examples such as bald spots, brown leaves, and uneven mowing. Below are a few methods for taking care of your lawn to avoid any awkward conversations with your neighbors.

Don’t be afraid to mow…but not too much

Mowing isn’t a task that simply

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How And When To Prune Roses

Along with homeownership comes numerous responsibilities, to include landscaping and outdoor maintenance. One very common activity is gardening which affords many visual appeals for neighborhood homes. Amongst the many varieties of shrubbery and flowers available to plant, one generally stands out amongst the group – roses.

The upside to owning roses is clearly the sensual appeal – visual as well as olfactory. The downsides, though, come in the form of upkeep, specifically pruning. Many experienced gardeners lack the skills to properly perform this critical activity to their bushes. If you’re considering tackling this function, below are a few commonly asked questions to assist along the way. 

Why prune your

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Tips For Your Listing Photographs

The movie industry romanticizes it. Relationship coaches leverage it to make profits. There is even a catchy phrase that you’ve probably heard multiple times that captures the overall essence of it. Because of it, many men will trim up facial hair before the first date and women will search for the perfect outfit oftentimes taking longer than the actual date itself. 

“Love at first sight” is a phrase that has been overused and misunderstood for many generations, but there is some underlying truth to this cliché though. First impressions quite frankly make all the difference between creating a lingering memory or an awful, convulsive response. This is true in relationships and even just as true when selling your

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Selling From A Distance

Selling a property is oftentimes stressful and unfortunately unfruitful even while living in the local area. This process is rather cumbersome and includes many little “gotcha” points that, if not prepared appropriately, can lead to offers being lost, never submitted, or just downright unpleasant to entertain. Who really wants to accept a lower asking price? Now imagine coordinating this entire effort…from a thousand miles away.

The fact of reality is many people may not have the luxury of remaining in the local area to sell their property. This could be due to job relocations, accumulation of rental properties while moving around the country, or even simply choosing to move closer to family members. Regardless of the reason

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Home Buying Checklist

Researching, viewing, and purchasing a home can be a lengthy, somewhat complicated process. There are methods for minimizing the stress induced from the hustle and bustle, such as establishing a professional support staff to include real estate agents, inspectors, and lawyers. Ultimately though, the entire progression can leave one exhausted.

Being prepared for each step along the way is essential in successfully crossing the finish line, otherwise known as closing day. When considering taking this milestone step in your life, leverage the checklist below as a guide to smoothly transition between each step.

Determine your budget

Before any other step can be accomplished, potential homebuyers need to calculate a reasonable

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The Perks Of New Construction

For first time homebuyers, the thought of purchasing a newly constructed property is often pushed to the wayside for older homes perceived to be “more affordable”. This perception is generally based on misnomers such as higher property taxes as well as an increased price overall. Instead of tackling the misnomers, misconceptions, and inaccuracies behind purchasing new construction, instead lets focus on the advantages that come along with these properties.

Though the list below isn’t all-encompassing, hopefully it’ll assuage any concerns with owning these types of households since there can be significant advantages reaped if purchased properly.

Options abound…customize to your desires

Ever drive by a neighborhood

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Garage Sale Tips And Tricks

Life tends to build upon itself like a snowball rolling downhill ever accumulating more and more crud  as it progresses. This clutter can take many forms dependent on each individual’s situation in life. Collectibles begin adding up. Baby furniture is stored in the garage or attic. High school clothes are shoved into the back of the closet.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. Garage sales, though time consuming, offer an opportunity to declutter your local space, but more importantly your mind! Psychological studies exist demonstrating how beneficial this mental release is for a person’s health, plus why not make a few bucks while at it too? Here are a few tips and tricks to help create a successful garage sale.

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Ideas For Organizing Your Garage

A garage in of itself is a storage room but typically homeowners abuse this luxury often tossing furniture, knickknacks, and widgets inside the garage because these items don’t have a place in the house. This common activity inevitably leads to disorganization, clutter, and frankly just plain unnecessary headaches.

Thankfully there is a solution, well really a multitude of solutions, that can help alleviate the clutter and finally cease the buildup of “junk” inside your garage. Even though organizing the garage isn’t a sought after weekend activity, the culminating result will pay dividends for your household in the long run. Below are a few clever tips and tricks for turning your garage into a useable (and

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Top Nine Home Staging Tips

Pricing a property appropriately is only half the battle when selling a residence where the other half is trying to create visual appeal for the premises. Home buyers that view a house as a home are much more likely to submit offers when searching for their new residence. Below are the top nine home staging tips to help elicit and improve visual appeal.  

Start with curb appeal

Presenting a warm, inviting curb presence before any potential buyers ever step foot into a home is the initial requirement to any successful open house. Thankfully, this can be accomplished via multiple methods. Here are a few key suggestions to increase this characteristic and drive foot traffic to the property:

  • Strategically plant bight
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