A Home For All Seasons: Year-Round Considerations

Real estate markets tend to ebb and flow throughout seasonal changes. Warmer seasons usually lead to a hot market – no pun intended – while markets slow down during t...

A Home For All Seasons: Year-Round Considerations Close
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A Home For All Seasons: Year-Round Considerations

Posted by Candy Noel on Sunday, June 5th, 2016 at 12:25pm.

Real estate markets tend to ebb and flow throughout seasonal changes. Warmer seasons usually lead to a hot market – no pun intended – while markets slow down during the colder seasons. Even this isn’t a firm law of the land because locations oriented towards winter skiing might have flipped markets.

Regardless of the current season, a good tip to remember is to think holistically about the purchase. How will a particular house fair during all seasons of the year? Surprisingly this notion isn’t always intuitive for new, even seasoned homebuyers. For ease of

Spring: Blossoms and Showers

Water will become nature’s friend during spring but can present an issue from runoffs on a property. Typically these problems arise from increased amounts of rain showers in April or even snow melting in the mountains. All the more reason why a home’s drainage capabilities are more essential. Also, don’t forget about increased yardwork due to bigger lawns. Spring tends to be the moment when properties start becoming overgrown.

Summer: Heat, Heat, Heat

Most people think of swimsuits, pools, lakes, and other outdoor activities as summer rounds the corner. In the case of properties, this can be one of the hardest seasons on plants, especially larger lawns. The increased aridness can present multiple issues in the form of watering a property. The larger a lawn, the larger the watering bill. Simple math.

One thing to consider for this season is the direction of the sun when rising and setting during the day. The extent of sun exposure will dictate the severity of the heat and dryness on your lawn. If you’re not someone who is interested in manually watering constantly, you could consider installing an underground sprinkler system for a pretty penny.

Fall: Orange leaves galore

Those big beautiful trees around a property make it look lovely and offer shade. Come fall they also mean a lot of leaves all over the ground and a lot of work picking them up. Unless you have multiple children to solicit free labor, this might be a crucial consideration especially when purchasing larger lawns.

This decision will also drive budget costs as well as upfront costs. If you don’t already own the necessary equipment to maintain larger properties, such as leaf blowers instead of rakes, expect to purchase these items upfront to be prepared as these seasons approach.

Winter: Brace yourself

First and foremost, assess how much snow does this particular location receive on average? If enough is received to warrant shoveling multiple times per month, the first question running through your mind should be how accessible the property is from main roads. Additionally, how inclined are the local rides in your neighborhood? Highly gradient roads will become problems during icy conditions and need to be accounted for.

Focusing on the home itself, ensure that the furnace operates properly via the required home inspection process. Another consideration would be the availability of an alternate heating source (e.g., fire places, wood stoves).

Every season has things that homeowners will have to deal with; before you buy, make sure you’ve given a lot of thought to how that home will take you through each season so you can be prepared.

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