Key Factors When Building A Home Theater

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Key Factors When Building A Home Theater

Posted by Candy Noel on Friday, April 22nd, 2016 at 11:06am.

People are always chasing a dream – a dream job, a dream spouse, and even a dream house. When folks consider the elements of a dream home, more often than not, the concept of a theater size, theater quality viewing system is on the wish list. Simply search the internet for home theater systems, click to view only images, and then prepare for the crème de la crème of home theaters – substantially large screens located in gigantic rooms capable of seating over 15 people comfortably.

Lets face it, most people are financially capable or perhaps even willing to design and purchase something that grand (or dare we say ostentatious). Instead, an average consumer simply wishes to have a dedicated room for viewing screenplays beyond the normal experience (i.e. channel surfing on the couch). Thankfully, an upgraded system is within reach of most people and can fit within the constraints of your budget. The following tips below highlight aspects to consider when installing a new theater system or even upgrading the existing one.

Don’t look up: proper viewing angles matter

You show up to the movie theater late and only seats in the front row are available forcing you and your date to watch the movie with your neck cranked up the entire two hours. Sound familiar? Sounds straining, exhausting, and downright horrible of an experience. When choosing the placement location for the television, keep this factor in mind and remember that viewing angles matter.

Slightly down or slightly up from viewing angle (i.e. eye level) is acceptable as long as the neck doesn’t need to be adjusted to maintain visuals of the screen. If the television incorporates an adjustable mount, this problem is less of an issue. However, consider the viewing angle nonetheless before mounting anything permanently. 

Viewing distance is scientific and essential

An unfavorable viewing distance can deteriorate the experience for viewers. When sitting too close, the perceived quality of the screen is distorted and decreased. On the flip side, sitting too far away can element the appreciation for fine details. For example, those with 20/20 vision begin to lose visual acuity beyond 10 feet away when watching a 50” television screen. Utilize online home theater viewing distance calculators to determine the proper distance for your specific system.

Lighting, or lack thereof, is your friend

On any other occasion, a sane individual would enjoy warm sunlight. However, in the case of a home theater system, sunlight is the mechanism that ruins a viewing experience and detracts the attention of the audience. Selecting a screen location that isn’t obstructed by uncontrollable light is essential when installing a theater system. Blinds may be an option if no other solutions are available however even this option isn’t perfect.

Limit the foot traffic

People need to use the restroom, grab drinks and snacks, answer unexpected phone calls, or even just like to walk around. When things like this happen, the last thing attentive viewers want is for the constant churn of individuals traversing back and forth in front of the screen. Prior to installation, plan for additional foot traffic routes in order to prevent interrupted viewing time.


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