Tip Tuesday: Dryer Sheets

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Tip Tuesday: Dryer Sheets

Posted by Candy Noel on Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 at 10:51am.

Do you have soap scum build-up?  Soap scum builds up on the surface of tubs and showers and dulls the luster of tile, porcelain enamel or fiberglass. Soap scum makes bathtubs, shower walls and doors look dirty and uninviting. Soap scum is a thin film resulting from a combination of soap and mineral deposits. Typically, homeowners who have hard water have more soap scum build-up, but all showers and tubs are prone to it.


Myself and my clients have tried this and it works!! Try taking a dryer sheet new or used, sprinkle it with a few drops of water (dry   works too), then use it to wipe away built-up soap residue.  It works wonders on scummy surfaces!!

Other dryer sheet pros

  -They keep away bugs!!

  -They keep dust off your baseboards!!

  -They work miracles for smelly gym shoes!!

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