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As we near summer many of us have started our spring yard work.  For some this is a welcome activity and an excellent way to get outside after a long and cold winter, for others this is seen as “time to pull weeds”.  Weeds are a nuisance we must all deal with in one form or another, many of us have had the pleasure of calling Reno home our entire lives and with that comes the experience needed to deal with those pesky weeds.  There are many ways to wage war against unwanted intruders in our yards and gardens, and just like anything each has its advantages and disadvantages.  We’re here to cover the most common and effective methods for taking back your landscaping and ensuring the best curb appeal to your home.  An unsightly front yard will most certainly

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Have you ever walked into someone's home and say, "Wow it smells great in here!" or thought to yourself, "What's that horrible smell?"  It happens all the time and for the homeowners you get accustomed to these smells and don't notice them after awhile.  This stays true when you’re in the market for selling or buying your home.  You don’t need to go out and buy candles and air fresheners for every room.  In fact try focusing on just the air filter.  The air filter is the barrier for your air and they’re usually located throughout your house.

Here are a few quick and inexpensive options you can do to freshen your home. (Note best results are found with NEW air filters)

1. Take 1 teaspoon of vanilla and spray/drop it over your air filter and run your

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One of the most common real estate questions from homeowners listing their property for sale is in regards to presentation.  A great presentation can lead to a much faster sale, this can range from furniture arrangements to overall decor and cleanliness.  While changing furniture and decor can be quite the undertaking, with some sellers going so far as to hire an interior designer, it is much easier to ensure your home is as clean as possible.  During the cleaning process pesky stains from years of normal living can become a daunting task.  Not only are they quite the eyesore but they can really be tough to remove.  We've compiled a list the most common stains and the remedies, helping you take the first step to a home ready to impress each potential

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How to fix vinyl flooring that is bubbled or curling on the ends.

Items you'll need:

  1. Iron
  2. Foil
  3. Heavy object(s), like a stack of books

Step 1: Lay a sheet of foil (shiny side down) over the vinyl area to be fixed.

Step 2: Run an iron (set on medium) over the foil until you feel the bottom of the vinyl remelting itself to the floor.

Step 3: Place the heavy object(s) or stack of books on top and leave it overnight.

Thanks it!!  A pretty simple and quick tip to repair bubbled or curling vinyl.

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Do you have wooden floors or furniture?  Have you, kids or animals put a dent in it by accident?  Maybe you were rearranging furniture or kids were rough housing.  As long as the wood hasn't been broken apart underneath, there's a fix!!  

Items you'll need:

  1. Iron
  2. Warm water
  3. A paper towel, rag or old t-shirt

Step 1: Pour a small amount of warm water over the dent.

Step 2: Place the paper towel, rag or old t-shirt over the water on the wood.  The water will seep through the material, this is perfect. If the dent is larger then try running the material under warm water and wringing it out before placing it over the wood.

Step 3: Put the iron (on medium or high setting) over the material pressingly firmly.  You can move the iron back

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Do you have soap scum build-up?  Soap scum builds up on the surface of tubs and showers and dulls the luster of tile, porcelain enamel or fiberglass. Soap scum makes bathtubs, shower walls and doors look dirty and uninviting. Soap scum is a thin film resulting from a combination of soap and mineral deposits. Typically, homeowners who have hard water have more soap scum build-up, but all showers and tubs are prone to it.


Myself and my clients have tried this and it works!! Try taking a dryer sheet new or used, sprinkle it with a few drops of water (dry   works too), then use it to wipe away built-up soap residue.  It works wonders on scummy surfaces!!

Other dryer sheet pros

  -They keep away bugs!!

  -They keep dust off your

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