Viewable Models - New Model Homes in the Reno Area

Reno has many new home communities at any given time, take a look at our continually updated list of new model homes ready for you to tour today!

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Viewable Models

Are you excited to go walk through a model home and see first hand what it will look like?  Below you will find a list by the community of what models they have available for you to see.  Unfortunately not all new homes have a model to view, but they may have some 'standing inventory' homes available to view. These are homes that are available for sale, or has an owner and are currently in the building phase.




Builder Community Name Plan Name Model
Bates Homes       
  Argos at Meridian 120     
    Plan 1 Coming May
    Plan 2 Coming May
    Plan 3 Coming May
    Plan 4 Coming May
Bates Homes       
  Quest at Meridian 120    
    Plan 1  YES
    Plan 2 YES
    Plan 3  YES
    Plan 4  YES
Desert Wind Homes       
  Falcon Ridge     
    Plan 1497 NO
    Plan 1604 NO
    Plan 1619 NO
    Plan 1665 NO
Desert Wind Homes       
  Mallard Crossing     
    Plan 1705 NO
    Plan 1913 NO
    Plan 2036 NO
    Plan 1950 NO
    Plan 2106 NO
Desert Wind Homes       
  Rancho Hills     
    Plan 1376 NO
    Plan 1388 NO
    Plan 1404 NO
    Plan 1570 NO
    Plan 1772 NO
    Plan 1882 NO
    Alpine South YES
    Summit  YES
DR Horton       
  Ladera Ranch     
    Plan 2451 NO
    Plan 2601 NO
    Plan 2701 NO
    Plan 2851 NO
DR Horton      
    Plan 3115 NO 
    Plan 3176 NO
    Plan 3741 NO 
DR Horton       
  Estates at West Meadows     
    Plan 2350 End of June 
    Plan 2500 End of June 
    Plan 2567 End of June 
    Plan 2600 End of June 
    Plan 2700  End of June 
    Plan 2800 End of June 
DR Horton      
  Falls at West Meadows    
    2800 Plan NO
    3055 Plan YES
    3200 Plan  YES
DR Horton       
  Creek at Anchor Pointe    
    1965 Plan  NO
    2165 Plan  NO
    2368 Plan NO
DR Horton       
  Edge at Anchor Pointe    
    1713 Plan NO
    1732 Plan  NO
    2019 Plan  NO
    2086 Plan  NO
DR Horton       
  Leaf at Anchor Pointe    
    2114 Plan  NO
    223 Plan  NO
    2459 Plan NO
DR Horton       
  Symphony Ranch     
    1405 NO
    2275 YES
    2675 NO
    2850 NO
    3175 YES
First Capital Builders      
  Chalets at Montreux    
    Plan 1 NO
    Plan 2 NO
    Plan 3x NO
Home Crafters      
  Pine Bluff at Caughlin Ranch
    Plan 1 NO
    Plan 2 NO
    Plan 3 NO
    Plan 4 NO
    Plan 5 NO
Jenuane Communities      
  UpStream Townhomes    
    Plan 1A YES
    Plan 1B NO 
    Plan 2 NO 
    Plan 3A NO 
    Plan 3B NO 
    Plan 3C NO 
    Plan 3D NO 
    Plan 4 YES
Jenuane Communities      
  The Village at Esplanade    
    Plan A YES
    Plan B YES
    Plan C YES
Jenuane Communities      
    Plan 1717 NO
    Plan 1855 NO
    Plan 1986 NO
    Plan 2058 NO
    Plan 2197 NO
Jenuane Communities       
  Sunset Bluffs     
    Plan 1A NO
    Plan 1B NO
    Plan 2  NO
    Plan 3  NO
    Plan 4A NO
    Plan 4B NO
Lennar Communities      
  Bianco at Cabernet Highlands    
    The Pinon NO
    The Juniper NO 
    The Sandstone NO 
Lennar Communities      
  Rosso at Cabernet Highlands    
    Comstock NO
    Ponderosa YES 
    Shire YES 
Northern Nevada Homes      
  Franktown Estates    
    23 Lightning NO
    25 Lightning NO
Northern Nevada Homes      
  Mountain View Estates    
    Plan 1427 NO
    Plan 1677 NO
    Plan 1801 NO
    Plan 2082 NO
    Plan 2431 NO
    Plan 2955 NO
Parc Foret at Montreux      
  Parc Foret at Montreux    
    Plan 1 NO
    Plan 2 NO
    Plan 3 NO
    Plan 4 NO
    Plan 6 Walkout NO
Preston Homes      
  Hillbrow at Somersett    
    Residence 1 NO
    Residence 2 NO 
    Residence 3 NO 
    Residence 4 NO 
    Residence 5 NO
    Residence 6 NO
    Residence 6 w/ casita NO
Paradiso Communities      
  Legacy Pointe    
    The Generation Yes 
    The Heirloom Yes 
    The Tradition Yes
    The Heritage  Yes
    The Lineage  Yes
    The Legacy  Yes
Ryder Homes of Nevada Inc.      
  The Pointe at Somersett    
    Plan 1 NO
    Plan 2 YES 
    Plan 3 YES 
Ryder Homes of Nevada Inc.       
  The Meadows     
    Plan 1 NO
    Plan 2  NO
    Plan 3 NO
    Plan 4 NO
Silver Crest Homes, Inc.      
  Monte Vista    
    Le Bordeaux NO
    Le Chardonnay NO
    Le Pinot Grigio NO
    Le Champagne YES
Tim Lewis Communities       
  Whispering Canyon     
    Residence 1  YES
    Residence 2  NO 
    Residence 3  YES 
    Residence 4  YES 
Toll Brothers       
  Cliffs at Somersett    
    Everest  NO
    Montrose NO
    Viewmont NO
    Montrose Elite  NO
    Everest Elite  NO
    Viewmont Elite  NO
Toll Brothers       
  Diamond Crest at Bella Vista Ranch     
    Alta YES
    Brighton YES
    Meribel YES
    Portillo YES
    Timberline  YES
Toll Brothers      
  Estates at Saddle Ridge    
    The Pendleton YES
    The Wilshire YES
    The Airmont YES
Toll Brothers       
  Mason Ridge at Bella Vista     
    Bryce  YES
    Laramie  YES 
    Saguaro YES 
Toll Brothers      
  Tamarack Collection  Delmar YES
    Gilmore YES
    Stony Ridge YES
  Winterlake Collection Bristol Bay YES
    Clay Hill YES
    Sundance YES
Toll Brothers      
  Sierra Creek at Bella Vista Ranch    
    Ashwood NO
    Ashwood Elite YES
    Brookshire YES
    Brookshire Elite NO
    Cedarcrest NO
    Cedarcrest Elite YES
Toll Brothers      
  Sorrento Trail at Bella Vista Ranch    
    Alava YES
    Malta YES
    Taranto YES
    Verano NO
Toll Brothers      
  Willow Bend at Saddle Ridge    
    Edgewood YES
    Hillcrest YES
    Tahoe YES
    Berkshire YES
    Ravenwood YES
Toll Brothers       
  Copper View at Caramella Ranch     
    Addison NO
    Crimson NO
    Riverton NO
    Winsley NO
Toll Brothers       
  Ridgeline at Caramella Ranch-Edgeworth Collection     
    Austin NO
    Halsey NO
    Sarona NO
  Ridgeline at Carmella Ranch-Sky Meadow Collection    
    Baldwin NO
    Clairmont NO
    Stratford NO
Toll Brothers       
  Regency at Carmella Ranch - Claymont Collection     
    Aberdeen NO
    Cambria  NO
  Regency at Carmella Ranch - Glenwood Collection     
    Aberdeen Elite  NO
    Ascott  NO
    Cambria  NO
    Gramercy  NO
    Quincy NO
  Regency at Caramella Ranch - Mayfield Collection     
    Ascott Elite  NO
    Avondale NO
    Gramercy Elite  NO
    Yardley Elite  NO
    Bayberry  NO
    Windsong NO


Builder Community Name Plan Name Model
Artisan Communities      
  Estates at Pebble Creek    
    The Empress YES
    The Intrigue NO
    The Showcase NO
    The Temptation NO
Capstone Communities      
  Eagle Canyon Ranch    
    Plan 411  NO
    Plan 412 YES
    Plan 413 YES
    Plan 414 YES
Lennar Communities      
  Candelara at Pioneer Meadows    
    The Kingston NO
    The Cottonwood YES
    The Silverado NO
    The Santa Maria YES
Lennar Communities       
  Homestead at Kiley Ranch    
    The Tule  NO
    The Pinon YES
    The Sandstone  NO
    The Juniper  YES
Lennar Communities       
  Silver Ridge ll    
    The Comstock  NO
    The Ponderosa  YES
    The Shire  YES
    The Conestoga  NO
Lennar Communities      
  Vicenza at D'Andrea    
    The Villa YES
    The Imperia YES
    The Juniper NO
    The Silverado NO
    The Sandstone NO
    The Santa Maria NO
Ryder Homes of Nevada Inc.      
  Shadow Ridge    
    Plan 1 YES
    Plan 2 NO
    Plan 3 NO
    Plan 4 NO
    Plan 5 YES
Silverado Homes       
  Silver Canyon     
    Plan 1 YES
    Plan 2  NO
    Plan 3 YES
    Plan 4  NO
    Plan 5 YES
    Plan 6 NO
    Plan 7  YES
Toll Brothers       
  Alicante at Stonebrook    
    Madrona NO
    Rivero NO
    Salida  NO
    De Anza  NO
    Glenrosa  NO
Toll Brothers        
  Catalina at Stonebrook    
    Almeria NO
    Borella NO
    Campo NO
    Orinda  NO
    San Ramon  NO


** Viewable Models can change at any time for any reason as determined by the builder.  Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. **